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This function is used to name attribute(s). Attribute(s) names, in this case, are equivalent to the well labels found on the microplate reader. An attribute for a sample loaded into row A - column 1 will be named A1. In short, the function takes a clean data frame and returns attribute names that match the FLUOstar plate layout often presented as an Excel file.


dat_col_names_horizontal(dat = NULL, df, rows_used = NULL, cols_used = NULL)



A string ("dat_1.dat") if the file is found within the present working directory (pwd) OR a path pointing directly to a ".dat" file.


A data frame that requires attribute labels.


A character vector indicating the rows or tuples used on the microplate (usually a 96-well microplate). Initialized as NULL.


A numeric vector indicating the plate columns or attributes used. Initialized as NULL.


Returns a character or numeric vector of attribute(s) names for the normalized data frame.


This function was designed to avoid the use of stringr. This function is designed to name attributes when the read direction is specified as horizontal.


Tingwei Adeck


fpath <- system.file("extdata", "dat_1.dat", package = "normfluodbf", mustWork = TRUE)
dat_df <- read.table(file=fpath)
nocomma_dat <- clean_odddat_optimus(dat_df)
resampled_scaled <- resample_dat_scale(nocomma_dat, tnp=3, cycles=40)
n = c('A','B','C')
sample_col_names <- dat_col_names_horizontal(dat=fpath,resampled_scaled, n)